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The Akanoo team shares a passion for complex technologies, e-commerce, real-time forecasting and its continuous improvement.

A close relationship with our customers is paramount, and our ongoing development and learning enables our steady improvement. Internal feedback is at crucial to this process as that submitted by our customers. Akanoo was founded in May 2013 and consists of a young and expanding team of experts in software development, e-commerce and online-marketing. We currently host a team of 20 highly motivated individuals, who invest their energy in making our customers happy and allowing Akanoo to remain the best tool for personalized on-site targeting in Europe and beyond. In a constantly evolving field of business, we rely on our talent, curiosity and passion to satisfy our customers and enable their lasting profit.



Fabian Gebert,
Technology & Data Science

Fabian’s father gave him a basic programming book when he was 10 and he hasn’t stopped coding ever since. He started his first software business when he was 16, sold it four years later and wrote his master thesis in physics about data mining of bio-metric information with Beiersdorf, Hamburg (Nivea). At Akanoo, he oversees the technological development and coordinates complementary industry cooperations.


Moritz Schott,
Sales & Marketing

Moritz would have been first among his siblings to take over his parents’ organic farm in the bavarian hinterland. Alas, he always preferred software over cows so he left his village to study business and computer science. After his studies, Moritz quickly took management positions in specialized software companies such as Navigon and emailvision. Before starting Akanoo, Moritz was COO at meetOne GmbH where he was responsible for business development and online marketing. Moritz loves to sell relevant software products that deliver clear customer value. Consequently he is responsible for sales and marketing at Akanoo.


Dr. Jan-Paul Lüdtke,
Product, Key Accounts & Financials

Before starting Akanoo, Jan-Paul worked on his PhD thesis about “Judgmental biases in the evaluation of innovations” as a researcher at Hamburg University of Technology. While in research, Jan-Paul not only explored the success factors of innovative technology but also gained much insight in advanced methods for statistical modeling. Before that, Jan-Paul worked for the leading market research company GfK where he developed and marketed an innovative reporting instrument for the fashion industry. Jan-Paul met Fabian in university through their joint interests in quantitative methods and entrepreneurship. At Akanoo, Jan-Paul is responsible for connecting current and prospective clients` needs to the core performance of our technology.

Cooperation partners

Institute of Information Systems, Hamburg University, Professor Dr. Stefan Voss

Institute for Business Information Systems, Humboldt University Berlin, Professor Dr. Stefan Lessmann

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