Working at Akanoo

Our office in Hamburg

Are you filled with ambition and ideas? You’re looking to explore a dynamic, young business, work alongside bright minds and overcome new challenges every day? Akanoo is the place for you.

We’re a motivated, finely tuned team and love developing Akanoo together, working towards lasting success.

If you would like to help craft the Akanoo story, please respond to one of our job postings. In case you find non of the openings applicable to your skills, we are very happy to receive your resume and learn why you should be part of Akanoo.

Akanoo as an employer

Designing and learning across clients

I very much enjoy working on the concepts and designs for our clients’ campaigns. Its great to be part of a process that continuously improves our clients’ performance. This turns my work at Akanoo into a true passion.

Jacob Thomsen, Art Director

Cool team and innovative working environment

Akanoo is a friendly, enjoyable but also innovative working environment. Working closely together for effective communication and reaching targets. After a week of starting here i felt part of the family.

Oliver De Lisle,Sales Manager UK

Successful together

I love working at Akanoo because of our proactive, open and friendly communication without a sense of hierarchy. The daily work with my team allows me to directly influence our clients’ performance and thus the success of Akanoo.

Frank Wolf, Senior Data Scientist