Case Study


Bricozor is a French online retailer specialized in selling more than 40,000 DIY products. The online shop’s management was looking for a service provider to help them create more profit from the advertising investments by showing personalized marketing messages to their users. A reliable account management and a transparent invoicing were the most important selection criteria.

When we work with a service provider, the element that always makes the difference is the quality of the account management. With Akanoo, we always had an available and competent team taking care of our needs, it’s very important for us to place trust in working with our service providers.

– Martin Jean, E-Commerce Manager at Bricozor

Our Solution

It is important to display personalized campaigns at the right time, create an appealing, responsive design and select the right campaigns. The visitor analysis for Bricozor shows that primarily discount and upselling campaigns lead to an increased revenue. The results are based on data of 2017.

Discount campaigns

  • The campaign offers a discount on the basket value inciting the visitors to spend over a specific amount.
  • Up to 19.2 % additional revenue in comparison to control groups

Upselling campaigns

  • The campaign offers a discount that’s displayed only to the visitors having already a minimum value in their basket.
  • Up to 50.6 % additional revenue in comparison to control groups

Campaign example


+ 11.5 %
Conversion uplift vs. control group

+ 21.6 %
Revenue increase vs. control group

+ 4.3 %
Overall revenue

Download the Bricozor case study here.

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