Akanoo Data Insights Case Study


Deichmann is the European market leader in the footwear retail sector with headquarters in Germany. Deichmann sells its products in more than 3.850 stores and in its own online shop. Until now, Deichmann identifies optimization potentials for the online shop by conducting usability studies, continuous competitor and self observation as well as direct customer feedback. Additionally, Deichmann started to use Akanoo Data Insights in October 2016. With Akanoo Data Insights, Deichmann can now directly benchmark their onsite performance with relevant groups of competitors to identify the most promising avenues for optimization.

“It is important for us to identify optimization potential that we haven’t been aware of before. Akanoo Data Insights makes it possible to spot areas where we really have room for improvement and provides best practices how to leverage the unexploited potential.”

– Pascal Jungen, E-Commerce Manager deichmann.de

Our Solution

Akanoo Insights analyses the onsite behavior of more than 70 million shop visitors per month for its customers across Europe and based on this data identifies for every shop the most promising areas for onsite improvement. Depending on the shop, it drives individual recommendations to realize the identified potential: The customer satisfaction will be improved, the conversion rate will be increased and higher revenue will be generated.
Deichmann was able to identify optimization potential for desktop and mobile devices with the Akanoo Insights market comparison. A comparison with shops of a defined benchmark group could realize specific adaptations for desktop and mobile devices.


Decrease of cart abandonment during the checkout

For online shops, the checkout is one of the areas with the highest bounce rates. The Deichmann online shop has shown optimization potential for certain steps of the checkout funnel, too. The implementation of the identified best practices has lead to significantly higher performance KPIs for Deichmann’s checkout funnel.

Optimization of the mobile navigation

Further potential was identified for the mobile entry pages of the Deichmann online shop. The optimization potential was determined for each of the different page types and courses of action were derived. In this way, Deichmann was able to catch up in the mobile navigation performance with the best shops of the benchmark.

Download the Deichmann case study here.

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