Case Study


The international fashion label Gaastra sells premium maritime clothing online and instore. Gaastra faced the challenge to increase onsite conversions and revenues. They searched for a solution to provide personalised campaigns in the online shop to create a better shopping experience whilst increasing revenue online.
To find this solution, they searched for a service that is fully automated, easy to use and time-saving.

Akanoo promised to generate additional revenue fast. The automated solution is permanently measured through A/B testing. The proactive team at Akanoo convinced us by exceeding our expectations and greatly improving our results.

Nico Heer, CEO Gaastra Online-Shop
Nico Heer


When targeting visitors with personalised campaigns, it is essential that they are shown in the right moment, with an appealing design and matching content. Every online shop requires different campaigns to maximize visitor satisfaction and revenues. The data collected from Gaastra’s online shop has shown that the most effective campaigns are personalised discounts and highlighting particular products & gifts.

The video demonstrates a customer journey in Gaastra’s online shop. On the right hand side are scoring bars which illustrate when the appropriate campaign should be targeted.

Prevent visitors from leaving

  • Vouchers for non-buyers
  • Responsive design
  • Code automatically delivered to basket
  • Language recognition for six countries
  • Up to 40% more revenue in comparison to the Control Group

Increase basket value

  • Dynamic upselling
  • Free product
  • Gender targeting
  • Up to 18% increase in basket value compared to the control group
Responsive 10%
Schal Damen

Campaign Development

1. Select content

2. Adapt design

3. Responsive design


+ 21.2 %
Conversion uplift vs. Control group

+ 33 %
Revenue increase vs. Control group

+ 5.7 %
Overall revenue

Download the Gaastra case study here.

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