Case Study


4 million customers make myToys the biggest German online shop for toys and products for children. myToys was looking for an effective method to increase its revenue with personalized campaigns. The most important selection criteria were: time-saving integration, regular personal exchange and a very active approach regarding testing and development.

We have been looking for a tool that gives us the possibility to react in real-time to on-site customer behaviour. Akanoo convinced us by providing an easy implementation and a full-service approach (consultation, creation, implementation, evaluation).

Marc Schmidt, myToys online shop

Our Solution

It is important to display personalized campaigns at the right time, create an appealing, responsive design and select the right campaigns. The visitor analysis for myToys shows that, among others, particularly cross shopping campaigns and product recommendations lead to significant revenue increases.

Cross shopping campaigns

  • Discount for purchases in different shop categories
  • Up to 16 % additional revenue in comparison to control groups

5% voucher campaigns

  • 5 % voucher for potential non-buyers
  • Up to 13 % additional revenue in comparison to control groups


+ 14,3 %
Conversion uplift vs. control group

+ 12,5 %
Revenue increase vs. control group

+ 2,3 %
Overall revenue

Download the MyToys case study here.

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